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Doypack bag is one kind of soft packaging bag with horizontal suporting structure at the bottom,which can make the bag stand without any other supporting. Doypack bag is the outcome of the development in bag making industry. The bag shape and production procedure experienced much changes. But the veriest success was finally achieved for the Doypack making was after the patent was got by Mr LouisDoyen in 1963,who was at that time the CEO of Thimonier Company in France.
Currently,Doypack bag includes 4 styles as below.
1. General Doypack Bag
The general Doypack Bag is four sides sealed and not reclosable. It is generally used to package industrial stuff.
2. Doypack Bag with Spout
Doypack Bag with Spout is reclosable and the stuff can be encased or poured out easily. It is generally used to package the articles for daily use such as juice,body wash,shampoo,ketchup,cooking oil and jelly etc.
3. Doypack Bag with Zipper
Doypack Bag with Zipper is reclosable. Because zipper can't be closed very tightly,it is not suitable to package liquid and volatile stuff. It is generally used to package light solid such as sugar,cake,jelly,rice and pet food etc
4. Doypack Bag with Irregular Shape
Doypack Bag with Irregular Shape is designed into different new style shapes to attractive consumers. It is currently the main developing trend of Doypack Bag.
Doypack Bag is more generally used for food package,especially for beverage industry. Additionally, more and more zipper doypack bags are used to package snacks.
Doypack Bag can stand and its cost is much cheaper than bottle and box package. More importantly,Doypack Bag has more advantages at modeling design and printing. So Doypack Bag will have a boom prospect in the future.